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Happy Valentine’s Day


Duck-Clear, 35 degrees

Corolla-Clear, 37 degrees


Graveyard of the Atlantic coughs up another victim off Corolla—The remains of a long-ago victim of the Graveyard of the Atlantic have been discovered on the beach off Corolla after this week’s rough surf. A pair of photos taken Thursday night shows the remains of the wreck near Whalehead. (OBvoice)
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 Rodanthe, NC— A portion of the Rodanthe pier collapsed into the Atlantic Ocean on Thursday afternoon. The 80 feet that broke off of the pier was newly repaired from Hurricane Sandy. Another storm badly damaged the pier in December, followed by more damage from high winds in February. (WRAL)
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  • Outer Banks fishermen will have a higher bluefin tuna quota than ever to work with this winter. That is, if the lucrative big fish show up here, and the fishermen can get out of the shoaled inlets to catch them. A new management rule that went into effect Jan. 1 effectively gives twice the general quota for bluefin over previous years for North Carolina through March 31.(OBvoice)Inline image 3
  • Leases for offshore wind farms could be up for auction by next year, but it will be much longer before any turbines hit the distant Outer Banks horizon, if they ever do. Federal officials were in Kitty Hawk this week to discuss an environmental study that is the first step of several leading up to potential offshore development of wind farms. (OBvoice)
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  • The parties involved in the long legal battle over the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s plan to replace the Herbert C. Bonner Bridge have asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit for the assistance of a mediator in their effort to negotiate a settlement in the case. In a joint motion filed on Monday, Feb. 9, at the Appeals Court in Richmond, Va., the plaintiffs, defendants, and defendant-intervenor said that the parties in the case have made “substantial progress toward settlement” but feel that the assistance of a mediator “will be helpful, perhaps essential” in resolving the remaining issues. (OBvoice)
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